Friday, September 21, 2007

Scicos: Scilab's block diagram modeler/simulator

Scicos is a graphical dynamical system modeler and simulator toolbox included in the Scilab ® engineering and scientific computation software. With Scicos you can create block diagrams to model and simulate the dynamics of hybrid dynamical systems and compile your models into executable code. Scicos is used for signal processing, systems control, queuing systems, and to study physical and biological systems. New extensions allow generation of component based modeling of electrical and hydraulic circuits using the Modelica language.

With Scicos you can:
  • Graphically model, compile, and simulate dynamical systems
  • Combine continuous and discrete-time behaviors in the same model
  • Select model elements from Palettes of standard blocks
  • Program new blocks in C, Fortran, or Scilab Language
  • Run simulations in batch mode from Scilab environment
  • Generate C code from Scicos model using a Code Generator
  • Run simulations in real time with and real devices using Scicos-HIL
  • Generate hard real-time control executables with Scicos-RTAI and Scicos-FLEX
  • Simulate digital communications systems with Scicos-ModNum
  • Use implicit blocks developed in the Modelica language.
  • Discover new Scicos capability using additional toolboxes.

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