Monday, November 12, 2007

PIC Development Studio

It is a program for development and simulation of software for the PIC16F84 microcontroller made by Microchip. With this program you can write the code, build it and test if it works in a few seconds. While debugging, you see the internal content of all registers.

PIC Development Studio is not just only a PIC16F84 simulator. You can simulate entire digital projects provided that the needed components are available. You connect the components together just as they would be in reality and start the simulation. There are included keyboards, simple displays, basic logic circuits, a tone generator and an oscilloscope probe. If these don't fulfil your needs, writing own components isn't difficult.

What's new
As of 2007 when Richard Keed decided to join the project has version 1.1 of the simulator been relased. This include a set of new components, including HD44780 compatible LCD. The PIC 16F84 component has also been updated with some bug fixes and the missing computed gotos feature has be implemented.

Getting PIC Development Studio
You can download the program free of charge. Java 5.0 or later, available at, is required for PIC Development Studio. The program is released under the GPL license and can be freely distribute to others. Source code is available through the SVN repository at

PIC Development Studio was started as hobby project by Andreas Doktar during his university studies. After one year's spare time effort was 1.0 release in spring 2002. Afterwards was development ceased until Richard Keed in 2007 decided to continue development the simulator

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